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Providing the expertise you need, right when you need it and for as long as you need it

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Fee takes form of a small proportion of equity in your business

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Both Client and Expert motivated to enhance the future value of the business

Experience for Equity

How we can help

At E4E our Purpose is to help Britain prosper, by connecting highly experienced expertise with businesses at critical phases in their life cycle. For example:

  • Start Up – you have a great business proposition but need some input and ideas on how to take it to market and to then grow the business
  • Rapid Growth – your business is already successful and you have some new opportunities for growth for example by moving into new markets / new countries or through the acquisition of another business
  • Plateau – your business has been successful, but business performance has plateaued, you need new ideas and a strategy to be energised and ready to grow again

E4E can provide the expertise and experience to help you succeed at these critical stages in your growth strategy.

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Having Ed's input to our business has made a huge difference. We work smarter, our sales are growing quicker, our costs are manageable and our profits increasing exponentially. But it's not just the expert knowledge he brings, it's also his extensive contacts. Doors which previously seemed impenetrable are now open to us.

Julie Chen
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