‘Pervasive’ skill shortages across UK economy

Businesses across Britain are short of workers across scores of sectors and at all skill levels, putting pressure on bosses to hike salaries, recruiters are warning. Companies are reluctant to raise pay when productivity has been stagnant but have found themselves with no choice as staff, from minimum wage entrants through the professions and all  Read more ➝

Developing Leaders: Get on the balcony

One of the most difficult transitions executives make and sometimes never make is understanding the difference between ‘doing the work to getting the work done’. Two very different activities. A simple but profound metaphor to this challenge is to be found in the work of Adaptive Leadership by Ron Heifetz and Marty Linsky. The concept of  Read more ➝

Leadership talent for business growth available now….

When your business needs to access specific expertise in order to scaleup or to meet an urgent business goal, please get in touch. We currently have a number of Experts actively seeking projects including the following: Business differentiation and transformation Experienced COO, CIO and NED. High level of business acumen, delivering differentiation through strong leadership,  Read more ➝

BCC Quarterly Economic Survey: Skills shortage biggest risk for business in 2018

The British Chambers of Commerce Q4 2017  Economic Survey – the UK’s largest and most authoritative private-sector business survey – indicates that skills shortages are reaching critical levels. Of the service sector firms hiring, the percentage reporting recruitment difficulties rose to 71%, the highest since records began. In manufacturing, the percentage of recruiting firms reporting difficulties  Read more ➝

Scale-ups : bridging the leadership gap

According to the ScaleUp Institute Annual ScaleUp Review 2017 building leadership capacity remains a priorty issue for the majority of UK scaleups. “In 2017, 65% of scaleups said that leadership development was “vital” or “very important” to their business continuing to grow with local access to talent and peers who have the experience of growing  Read more ➝