BCC Quarterly Economic Survey: Skills shortage biggest risk for business in 2018

The British Chambers of Commerce Q4 2017  Economic Survey – the UK’s largest and most authoritative private-sector business survey – indicates that skills shortages are reaching critical levels.

  • Of the service sector firms hiring, the percentage reporting recruitment difficulties rose to 71%, the highest since records began.
  • In manufacturing, the percentage of recruiting firms reporting difficulties stood at 75%, its highest since Q4 2016

Commenting on the results, Dr Adam Marshall, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, said: “While there are many business bright spots across the UK, the evidence from the biggest private business survey in the country shows that growth and confidence remain subdued overall as we enter a new year. Labour and skills shortages are set to be the biggest potential drag anchor on business in 2018, since ultimately it is people that make businesses work.”

The results emphasise the need to kickstart the economy by addressing the barriers to growth – in particular the growing skills gap – which is hindering the ability of companies to find the talent they need to develop.

At E4E, we have access to talent that may be not be available through conventional channels. Our experts may already be employed elsewhere but are happy to reach out from time to time to assist businesses in need of their specific expertise. Our experts are typically:

  • Senior leaders who are happy in their incumbent role
  • Early retirement/plural economy practitioners
  • Niche/gig economy practitioners

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