How to Implement your Business Growth Goals in 2018-19

As a new financial year approaches, there’s a reflection period that many businesses often experience. Business leaders will ask themselves what the new financial year will bring. Have you asked yourself this very question? It’s hard not to, especially if you’re unsure of what the year ahead holds for you.

If you find yourself in this midst of uncertainty, now is the time to set some targets and ascertain your goals for the year ahead. This year is the perfect time and opportunity to not only develop your business but to refine and improve it.

How? Well, let’s take a look at five steps to make 2018-19 your year, as well as distinguishing your objectives and goals for maximum business impact.

Step 1: Creating a Wish List

First and foremost, it’s important to decide on your business goals. A wish list can help you to set your objectives in motion. Start by creating a wish list of goals you wish to accomplish in the next 12 months.

Your list will be completely original to you and the requirements of your business, but here we’ve listed a few examples:

  • Gain 10 new clients
  • Boost overall sales by 15%
  • Create a healthier work-life balance
  • Build better relationships with suppliers/partners
  • Take on a new staff member to alleviate my time spent on admin

No matter which objectives you’ve featured on your wish list, you can feel empowered knowing that this is the first step to ensuring 2018 is maximised for great things. Just be sure to keep your wish list handy, this is the key to its success.

Having it in front of you, be it saved as your desktop image, written on your white board or pinned to your wall, will keep it at the forefront of your mind, empowering you to strive forward.

Step 2: Developing An Action Plan

Now you have your wish list, for every goal that you have set to address, there should be a step-by-step action plan in place to accompany it. Think about your previous attempts to grow, were there steps you used that could work in accomplishing your new goals?

Irrespective of whether you’re looking to gain new customers, increase sales or hire a new member of staff, putting time aside to work on a plan of action will enable you to execute your new found goals more productively.

Each goal will require a minimum of 3 steps, possibly more. By breaking each goal down into steps, you’ll be able to make them easier to tackle through smaller, more manageable steps. The next move is yours so be sure that it counts.

Step 3: Setbacks and Hold-ups

No-one said that achieving your new business objectives would be easy… after all, it’s not until you’ve embraced each one of them that you come across obstacles and experience setbacks. Try not to be down-heartened however tough the going gets.

Whether you’ve hired a new staff member only to find they’re no good, or you require a re-brand but can’t decide on the right logo, you must push forward. Overthinking can lead to wasted time and a dip in motivation, so keep striving. We promise that it’ll be worth every sleepless night and working weekend.

Step 4: Reviewing your Progress

Midway through the year will mean you’ve reached your halfway mark. Address this midway point by setting time aside to review your progress. Look into where you are in terms of completing your goals. Is something holding you back? What is it? Examining your progress for each of your goals will reinvigorate your passion for completing them.

Should you find during your review that some of your goals are not panning out the way you’d hoped, no matter how driven you’ve been, re-examine the goal and see why that has happened. There’s usually a specific cause, and it’s likely that you’re already aware of it but have simply chosen to ignore it.

The problem won’t go away on its own, so please don’t ignore it. All that’s required is a new strategy to tackle the obstacle, and by acknowledging that, you’re already halfway there to solving it. Stay focused.

Step 5: Seeking Advice from Project Experts

There’s no disputing that growing your business, whether it be increasing your client number, your sales, or even your employees, requires a lot of hard work, but let’s face it… if you’re not growing, you’re most probably stagnating.

Experience4Equity (E4E) is passionate about helping businesses and leaders achieve their true potential. Having the right expert help can future proof your business by guiding you through critical stages of growth using simple fundamentals, in a highly leveraged way.


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