Leadership talent for business growth available now….

When your business needs to access specific expertise in order to scaleup or to meet an urgent business goal, please get in touch.

We currently have a number of Experts actively seeking projects including the following:

Business differentiation and transformation

Experienced COO, CIO and NED.

High level of business acumen, delivering differentiation through strong leadership, speed of direction, business change and technical knowledge.

Formation and delivery of significant strategic and business transformation programmes resulting in improvements to company productivity, business flexibility, digital capability, business divestment/separation, M&A and the setting up of new International business operations.

REF: E180225

Organic growth plus mergers and acquisitions

Energetic and passionate professional MD with experience of heading up international businesses.

Background in finance, supply chain and logisitics.

Expert in leading organic high growth programmes plus management of mergers and acquisitions.

REF: E180228

Shanghai/China/Hong Kong/Asia

Over 10 years of experience in China and Asian territories at CEO and CFO level in finance, online and digital sectors.

Setting up local facilities, teams and partnership agreements to develop and deliver tailored products and services to meet market tastes and comply with local regulations.

Fluent in spoken and written Mandarin.

REF: E180236

Here’s an example of how it works: