Our Story

About us

E4E was established to help meet two distinct gaps in the market:

  • To enable businesses to access high levels of expertise in a very effective way and at a fraction of the costs of alternatives in the market place.
  • To provide a route to market for senior leaders looking to help deploy their skills in a range of different businesses and sectors.

At E4E we are passionate about helping businesses and leaders achieve their true potential.

Our Values


– an approach in which you can have confidence


– a team that will always act with integrity


– where we are motivated to enjoy the part we can play in society and the businesses with which we work

Our Principles

  • Low risk – for our Clients & Experts
  • Dependable – we will deliver on our commitments
  • Experts are empowered to help our Clients
  • Light touch – E4E is easy to do business with
  • Confidential & discrete
  • Challenge the paradigms – to work with you to identify and evolve innovative solutions
  • Constantly evolving our strategy and business proposition for our Clients


E4E at work

  • Sep 27 2019

    E4E’s unique and innovative approach can help your business grow and prosper.  At E4E we empower businesses to grow and prosper at critical phases in their life-cycle by connecting them with highly experienced experts from a wide range of fields. We can help you at various points on your growth plan. For example, if your  Read more ➝

  • Feb 21 2018

    As a new financial year approaches, there’s a reflection period that many businesses often experience. Business leaders will ask themselves what the new financial year will bring. Have you asked yourself this very question? It’s hard not to, especially if you’re unsure of what the year ahead holds for you. If you find yourself in  Read more ➝

  • Feb 18 2018

    Businesses across Britain are short of workers across scores of sectors and at all skill levels, putting pressure on bosses to hike salaries, recruiters are warning. Companies are reluctant to raise pay when productivity has been stagnant but have found themselves with no choice as staff, from minimum wage entrants through the professions and all  Read more ➝