Scale-ups : bridging the leadership gap

According to the ScaleUp Institute Annual ScaleUp Review 2017 building leadership capacity remains a priorty issue for the majority of UK scaleups.

“In 2017, 65% of scaleups said that leadership development was “vital” or “very important” to their business continuing to grow with local access to talent and peers who have the experience of growing a business. They want solutions delivered locally, including easier access to public sector funding for innovation and R&D, general business support and Growth Hubs.

Local engagement and delivery is what scaleups want most: Half of all scaleups included either “recruiting people with experience of growing a business” or “access to a network of peers who have grown a business” in their top three factors supporting growth. Bringing in this type of growth experience, attending local leadership courses or, crucially, getting support from the local public sector were all more likely to be in the top three than more “larger corporate” support or general support from the private sector (11%) or bringing in people with large corporate experience (18%).”

E4E’s network of business experts have a wealth of experience of high growth businesses across all sectors both in the UK and internationally. They may be the vital ingredient to help take your business to the next level.

E4E brings people and ideas together at critical points in business life cycle.

  • We will help you choose the right Expert for your business strategy when you need it for as long as you need it
  • Our Experts can objectively review your business and, armed with the right strategies, can radically reduce the time and effort it takes to grow your business
  • Utilising expertise from other industries will provide new insights, alternative solutions and open doors to new opportunities
  • Having cash tied up in working capital shouldn’t prevent you from accessing new wisdom, advice and contacts
  • Our Experts are motivated to enhance the future value of your business and will work with you to determine your priorities in order to achieve success
  • We have access to key expertise in every sector for minimal initial outlay

Watch our 2 min video for an overview of how it works.


Information extracted from the ScaleUp Institute Annual ScaleUp Review 2017