The Opportunity

About us

E4E will be the catalyst to bring together leaders, with key skills, to businesses as they go through formative points in their life cycle:

  • moving from a great start up idea to an established business.
  • moving from a successful one country business to a business operating across a number of locations.
  • moving from a successful business to a period of significant growth involving effective acquisition and integrations.
  • moving from a business that is plateauing to one that is energised and ready to grow again.


Our Markets

Our E4E Experts have experience from a full range of markets and sectors including Technology, Financial Services and Manufacturing. We will be able to provide an Expert with the experience in the same industry or you may also find it useful to have an Expert from a different sector, to help identify new and different solutions.

Our Experience

Our E4E Experts have experience of working across different locations and countries in a range of industries. They have operated and been responsible for leading teams and business strategies from senior positions. They have personally experienced the pitfalls and critical success factors to growing a successful business.